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Security of Mind, Immediate Support

In the constantly evolving digital world, the security of your business is our priority at Granit Informatique. We understand the urgency of cybersecurity challenges and are here for you. Our dedicated team offers fast and reliable service, ready to respond at any time. You can count on us to protect your digital assets, ensuring your operations continue with confidence. With Granit Informatique, security is not simply a service, it is a guarantee.

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Certification, badge and trophies

Certificat Google cybersecurity professionalCertificat Google cybersecurity professional

Soutien informatique

Gestion et administration des réseaux CÉGEP


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What we offer

  • Exceptionally designed website for a professional online presence

  • Expert advice and constant support in cybersecurity

  • Installation and configuration of operating systems, software and hardware

  • Troubleshooting and resolving computer problems

  • Management of user accounts and access rights

  • Implementation and administration of local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN)

  • Server configuration and administration

  • Setting up and administering network services (DHCP, DNS, VPN, etc.)

  • IT security and data protection

  • Data backup and restoration

  • Cabling and installation of network equipment

  • Knowledge of network protocols (TCP/IP, etc.)

  • Threat and risk analysis

  • Data and systems protection

  • Response to security incidents

Granit Informatique